Our Aerial Photography Services

Hoverlens offers aerial photography and aerial filming services to a wide variety of clients across the Southern US. In addition to aerial photography services from traditional aircraft, we also offer aerial photography services through our small remotely piloted unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), which produce amazing and accurate aerial imagery. This small type of electrically powered aerial camera platform captures a unique aerial perspective on the world. This lower altitude perspective opens up some amazing photographic opportunities and camera angles not achievable by conventional aircraft.

Whether you are interested in a one-time flight to take aerial photos or monthly flights to show a site's progress, we can accommodate your still photography and HD video needs. The versatility of our aerial vehicles allows us the flexibility to capture unique photographic images at various angles over the site. We fly as low as 10 feet or up to hundreds of feet to capture up-close and wide angle aerial views producing precise high quality images. The efficiency of our service means you can quickly receive a diversity of high quality aerial images having the detail you need and angles you want.

Variety of Aerial Photos

Our Camera Equipment

We offer high quality digital images and video for all of our aerial photography services, which includes remote piloting capabilities capable of real time video monitoring and image capture system. We use 100% digital high resolution camera systems and 1080P video resolution, mounted on custom built stabilized camera platforms, to bring you crystal clear images and very detailed aerial data.

aerial photo camera equipment

The Process is Easy

  • Arrival to Site & Set Up

Once the team arrives at the site, they quickly connect, check and launch the camera drone, allowing a greater amount of time over the site area for aerial photography. During the flight, clients are welcome to watch the flight in real-time from a feed of the plane's camera transmitted to a video monitor on-site. Adjustments to the drone's position insures the correct perspective of the images and can be easily controlled during the flight.

Live Video Ground Station
  • Data Transfer & Follow up

Once the camera file download process is complete, we'll provide you with all digital images and video footage shot usually within 24 hours. Just specify the type of file format needed and we will provide an internet address for you to access and download your data.

Aerial Photo Data

Price & Schedule Your Work

We provide individual custom quotes for your projects. Request a quote or schedule today! It's as easy as calling (225) 247-2631 or request a quote via email here.

Aerial Photo Client Meeting